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About Circa builders Inc.

Circa Builders, Inc. is a state licensed and fully insured construction company specializing in new construction and remodeling for residential projects. We are committed to delivering projects that comply with the strictest of standards in quality, security and innovation. Circa Builders, Inc. has a commitment to protect South Florida's beautiful communities by using methods of building that are environmentally friendly.

Over the past thirty years, "Green", or energy-effecient building methods have drastically evolved to benefit the building industry, the homeowner, and the environment. By using products that we know will last, and by always trying to be on the frontier of new building technologies, Circa Builders, Inc. builds durable and sustainable homes that will not only save the homeowner money but will also help in saving environmental resources.

Qualified Contractor

Circa Builders, Inc. was founded on the principle of quality craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. We are builders dedicated to providing the highest standards of work and we make communication a priority so we can fully understand our customers' needs.

This is our proven process: clear communication, a close working relationship with clients, and a builder who invests his time , energy and expertise in every project. You will find we pay as much attention to the things you will never see, as we do to the finished details that make your house a home.


Throughout our 24-year history, we have been committed to completing construction projects in a straightforward and stress-free process for all our clients. Inspired by the past and informed by the present, we will surpass every expectation and make a commitment to your total satisfaction.

Once you have selected the community you would like to live in, allow us the opportunity to display our talents by building you that stunning and unique residence you have always dreamed of.

Licensed and Insured

Florida Construction License: CRC-1329624

Circa Builders, Inc. possesses all the required licences, certifications and insurances required by the State of Florida to engage in the construction of residential projects.

You can rest assured that the construction of your residential project will be performed with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Circa Builders, Inc. cares for the safety and protection of its workers and customers. We comply with safety guidelines throughout the execution of all our projects.

The type of work we accomplish

Our Projects

Our services provides all the phases of construction

Our Services

Custom Homes

A custom home is something most people plan and dream about for years. So when you decide to build your new home, careful consideration in choosing a builder can assure you that the amount of time, money, and emotion you invest will result in a beautiful and comfortable home that can be enjoyed for years.

Custom building means building your home, your way, to your specifications. We go to great lengths to build your home and provide everything you have ever dreamed of and more. If you can envision the dream, we can make it come true.


Circa Builders Inc, not only builds custom homes but we also build additions and renovate existing homes to improve their square footage to their maximum potential, we can provide the necessary design, engineering and construction services.

Room additions can take on many different functions. Families need enlarged master suites, home offices, larger kitchens or more bedrooms. We would love to discuss any project you may have in mind, we can help you with the design and cost to determine a budget early in the process.


Kitchens and baths are the most popular areas of the home to remodel. They can also be the most difficult. We succeed in taking the ideas and wishes of the owners, combined with the expertise of kitchen and bath design professionals to create a finished product that works and satisfies our customers in form, function and craftmanship.

Knowledge with functional process on all construction projects

Our Process

Consult with the client to discuss what project they need done.
Overall planning, coordination, and control of project.
Provide and discuss the architecture designs of the project.
Construction of the project from inception to completion.
We are committed to superior quality and results!
A brief view of the different phases of the construction process

Construction Phases


During the first phase, pre-construction, we work with you on the project budget. We will provide you a detailed budget ensuring the best prices and selection of the most experienced tradesman, subcontractors and material suppliers. After setting the budget, we will discuss the construction contract and progressive payments during construction. Lastly, we will organize and order materials that require long lead times.


During the construction phase, we will discuss all scheduling for a clear understanding of the various stages of construction. We will also provide you with monthly progress reports including photos during construction, and finally, we will provide you with brief updates regarding changes affecting schedules.


We will deliver a clean, finished home that is polished down to the last detail. But our work does not stop there. Upon the completion of your home, we will provide you with detailed structural warranty and make recommendations for continued maintenance on the property. This ensures that your home is the same years from now, as it is after completion.

Questions to ask when hiring a contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a general contractor?
A general contractor (GC) is the one that makes the building or remodeling project "happen". The GC is an integral part of a team that includes designers, architects, engineers, and the client. The GC takes input from the different members of the team and builds the project. The GC is the driving force towards realizing the finished, physical project and bringing concept to reality. The GC is a manager and administrator. The GC brings in his own team of skilled and experienced technicians, plus necessary subcontractors, suppliers, and other specialty contractors if needed. The GC manages the budget and handles financial administration. The GC is the one who ensures your project will be built in accordance with local and state building codes and acceptable industry standards.
What qualifications must a general contractor possess?
To become a certified general contractor in the State of Florida, a person must pass the state certification examination. A person must also meet certain educational requirements, demonstrate financial responsibility, and obtain workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage.
How can I verify if a general contractor has the requisite qualifications?
All certified general contractors are issued an occupation code that begins with the letter "C". Still, to ensure that your contractor is indeed licensed with the State of Florida, you can always verify a license at www.myfloridalicense.com
Do I need to hire a general contractor?
While do-it-yourself stores like The Home Depot and Lowe's make it easier to perform routine projects around your home or business, there are times when you should let a professional do it. This is particularly true for larger, more complicated projects. Simply put, if something is beyond your skill level, you should avoid trying to save money by doing it yourself. Chances are you will end up hiring a professional not only to finish the task, but to clean up the mess! Also, if your project is specific and limited enough to allow for a specialty contractor, e.g. hiring a roofing contractor to install new roof tiles, then choosing a specialty contractor makes sense. However, if you have doubts about the scope of the work or are unsure about what specialty to choose, going with a general contractor--someone qualified to handle ALL types of work--is the smarter choice. At a minimum you should take advantage of getting a free consultation that most reputable contractors offer. This will allow you to determine exactly who to hire for the project.
Should I ask around?
Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for contractor referrals. If they liked the contractor's work, chances are you will, too.
Are they Licensed?
Make sure the contractor you hire is licensed. Ask for a copy of the contractor's license or simply check the state's license verification page (see above). Florida law requires that all contractors be licensed so hire an unlicensed contractor at your own risk.
Should I ask about past projects?
Ask the contractor for a list of past projects or customers. Ask to see their portfolio or pictures of past projects. Good, reputable contractors are proud of their craft and will not hesitate to show off their previous work. Ultimately the best indicator of future performance is past performance.
Should I ask about Local Ties?
How long have they worked in the area? Do they belong to any trade or local associations? A contractor who has been working in South Florida for years and belongs to trade or local association is much less likely to be a "fly-by-night" contractor who will take your money and never be heard from again. Someone committed to the area and the local trade will work hard to earn your satisfaction and preserve their reputation.
Will there be a point person?
Find out whether the contractor will be on site to supervise your job or hand it off to a foreman. If they will not be personally working at your site, how much time each day will they spend supervising it? Who will address your concerns? There is no sense in hiring the "right" person for the job if he will not be the one overseeing the actual work.
What is the timeline?
Ask when they are available to start your project and how long they estimate it will take. These are basic yet critical questions a prospective contractor should be able to answer.
Still got questions?
Eco friendly building materials for

Green Construction

Energy Efficiency
Circa Builders, Inc. recommends and has implemented cross ventilation, which are large overhangs and porches for shading, most commonly referred to as "Vernacular Architecture". This method reduces the need for air conditioning and our dependency on foreign oil.
Water Conservation
A hot water recirculation system ensures that hot water is delivered immediately to any fixture. This system helps conserve water since you do not have to waste the cold water out of the pipes while waiting for hot water to arrive.
Spray Foam Insulation "Icynene" is a high-performance insulation system that works to minimize the intrusion of heat and humidity from entering the home. This system seals the home, which controls moisture and increases the energy efficiency of the home.
Impact windows help protect both the home and your family during storm events. Circa Builders, Inc. can install impact windows that withstand winds from 120 to 150 miles per hour. Therefore, if a window is hit by flying debris, the windows may break but will not shatter. This will protect you from glass and the outside environment.
Environmentally Friendly
Circa Builders, Inc. uses low voltage and LED light fixtures to achieve more efficiency. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs offer major advantages over standard PAR halogens. They produce a greater amount of light for the wattage, are smaller than PAR halogens, and don't produce the heat generated by the PAR halogens.
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